For Active Travelers and Travel Dreamers

How we travel

This blog is not for everyone. We like to travel light. We aren't afraid to do our own laundry and cook our own meals. We love making our own coffee and breakfast.  We love taking public transportation when it fits our schedule.  Airbnbs usually work well because we like having a kitchen and more space than a hotel room provides.  And, sometimes we love checking into a nice hotel!

We are not tourists. Tourists are just passing through. We like to stay for a while.

We are not residents. We do move on.

We enjoy spending enough time at a single location to understand it. To feel the presence of place.  And be able to answer the question - "Would we like to spend more time here?"


How to choose a flight?  Try using credit card miles first.  The best deals require planning months in advance, especially during the high season for your destination.

After that, research flights at Kayak, Skipplagged (no checked luggage and do not input your airline mileage info) and Google's  If you have flexibility on travel dates you have more options.  After looking at all of these sites, you may decide to get more help.  For international travel have had good results with a ticket consolidator.  Specifically Paul (415-517-8514) at FoxFlights.  Beware of copycat sites that ask for $$ up front search fees.  I have found that once I know the going rate for a flight based on the research with the 3 search sites mentioned above, I have a pretty good idea of flight prices and can ask for a competitive rate.  No a ticket consolidator can't get you a First Class to Hong Kong roundtrip ticket for $200 so don't waste time.  Start with asking 50% off a regular price ticket and know what your upper limit is.  Also, don't plan to get air miles for these trips and Paul can't offer any deals on domestic flights.  Perhaps other consolidators do.  Lastly, if you decide to work with a consolidator, be ready to purchase your ticket within 24 hours so all your homework needs to be done upfront.  ***Cannot comment on cancelation fees or trip insurance.***