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Thoughts and Reviews on Photography

Rick has decades of photography experience. He has used many DSLR cameras but now shoots almost exclusively with Leica M. Check out his reviews and thoughts on photography. 

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Comparison of the Leica Q2 and Leica M10

To be fair, comparing a Leica Q2 to an Leica M10 is like comparing a new Tesla to a vintage Ferrari. A Tesla is quiet and drives itself. A Ferrari has manual steering, brakes and transmission. Ferrari driving engages all your senses and you are immersed in the sounds and sensations of being a driver. There is no doubt you are driving a Ferrari. In a Tesla you can relax. You can literally check your emails as the car quietly drives itself down the road. They are both great cars but very very different.

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Light L16 Computational Camera Review

When you look at it you can't help but wonder. What is the Light L16 camera?  The best description is on the website of Light, "This compact camera captures the details of your scene at multiple focal lengths, then uses sophisticated algorithms to combine 10+ images into a single, high-resolution photo... 

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