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This site is for active and independent travelers rather than tourists. Travelers embrace the unexpected. Travelers get lost and in doing so stumble upon new experiences. We tell our story with words, beautiful photos and occasionally provide historical context. Enjoy our beautiful world.

"The traveler see's what he see's, the tourist see's what he has come to see." - G.K. Chesterton

Newest Content - Floating 200 miles down the Grand Canyon

During the Summer of 2018, I joined a group of strangers to float almost 200 miles down the Colorado River along the bottom of the Grand Canyon. This trip turned into one of the best trips of my life. 

Over the course of 12 days, these strangers left the digital world behind and embraced the extremes of the real world at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The river flows a mile beneath the surface of the earth with air temperatures in the triple digits. We lived as a self reliant group having no contact with the outside world. This crucible of shared intense experience transformed strangers to friends. I will describe this journey with 2 separate posts and hope you enjoy this first part - the 90 mile float to Phantom Ranch.

Read about this journey down the Grand Canyon

Life at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

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