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Travel Tips we wish we knew

What to pack

Always For travel outside your country

Tuck some hand cleaner and a few tissues in the bottom of your backpack. 

All drugs and medications you need and also any others that will make your life better if you need them.  2 zip lock bags  1 for dry and 1 for wet. Having familiar brands is a comfort rather than going to a pharmacy or apotek and using Google translate.  Plus if you are in a small town, they probably don't have a 24 hour drive through.

Depends on where you are going

Stilettos don't work well here! 

Stilettos don't work well here! 

 Footwear  Know the terrain.  Steps, uneven pavement, dirt, gravel, rocks and even polished marble hallways and exhibition halls take a toll on feet.  Please don't go out and buy new items and take off traveling.  Break them in.

 The lightweight hiking boots are Merrell and Ahnu.  Both make waterproof and light weight styles which are essential to travel.

Walking sandals.  Camper, Mephisto make good ones that look great.  Flip flops are not good walking sandals.  

One pair of athletic shoes and one pair of comfy kickback shoes.

Down Jacket - lots of styles & prices to choose from.

Lightweight jacket like Kari Traa  (go to jacket for the past 3 months) and/or waterproof Rapha jacket that is so tiny you can wad it up and stuff it in the bottom of your backpack and look stylish when you pull it out.

Rain jacket/coat (optional) if you are traveling to the city.  You can almost always buy a $5 umbrella.  If you are out of the city, best to have a rain coat.  

Buying one jacket that does everything has never worked for me.  Layering allows for temperature control.  But if you have a better system, let us know.

Lightweight backpack that looks good and is functional.

Couple hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and gloves (if necessary).

Pants - 1 pair you can use most days, 1 pair comfy kick around, 1 pair lightweight, quick dry.

Shorts/skirt, shirts, socks, undies are fillers for your bag.  You only need 2 or 3 at most.  Easy to wash out in the sink and almost everywhere on earth sells these items cheap!

Test call or text others before there is a need.

Do this in every country.  It is worth the cost for the peace of mind.

Have a Meet Up Place and Time

Sometimes you get separated. It happens. To avoid unnecessary anxiety, have a plan. If you forget to make a specific plan have a default like "Meet at the inside of the entrance at the quarter hour." Relax and wait for others who may be enjoying the sights and not even realize you are missing.  Keep your cell phone in your pocket and enjoy the scenery.