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This site is for active and independent travelers rather than tourists. When you travel you encounter the unexpected. A traveler might get lost. But in getting lost you find new experiences. We share what we learn and tell our story with pictures while providing a historical context. We hope you enjoy our blog describing the beauty and experiences of our travels. Click the destinations below to learn more of both history and travel.

"The traveler see's what he see's, the tourist see's what he has come to see." - G.K. Chesterton

Annecy, France

If your arteries are good, eat more ice cream. If they are bad, drink more red wine. Proceed thusly.
— Sandra Byrd, Bon Appetit
Annecy Canal
Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy

Annecy is called the "Venice of the Alps". Annecy is a beautiful small town nestled in the French Alps on a beautiful alpine lake with canals running through the village. The water is blue and clear as are the skies. It is a beautiful 90 minute drive from Geneva. The region was formed by glaciers during the last ice age carving the valleys out from the alps. Annecy was first inhabited by people about 6000 years ago as the lake provided a source for food and water. The Romans built a city here as the location at the end of  Lake Annecy combined with the steep mountain walls makes Annecy a very strategic location.

The Count of Geneva made Annecy his seat of power in the 12th century after a dispute with the Bishops in Geneva. From this moment on Annecy gained in importance and power, Fortifications and the city were built up with stone which survives today making Annecy a charming and unique village.


Le Pichet is a delightful lunch place right off the canal so you don't have the view or price.  We shared a Cesar Salad and pasta dish.  Both were excellent.  The waiter lowered the sunshade after I requested a shady table.  Price $$

We enjoyed dinner at L'Etage.  The restaurant opens at 7pm and is upstairs away from foot traffic.  They also serve drinks and desserts downstairs during the day.


If charming, downtown living is your idea of fun, Le Boutik Hotel is the place!  You will enjoy easy lake access.  Every room is unique.  The restaurant is exclusive for guests.



Riding around the lake

Riding around the lake

Biking around Le Lac (the lake) on a bike path is .......  If you travel on the west side to the ParaPort around 2pm, a fascinating site awaits you.  You can observe a mostly silent ... as many paraglider silently descend and quietly land.

Landing at the Paraport

Landing at the Paraport

Rick Hyman